The Soundtracks of a New Season

A few weeks ago I took the leap of faith to begin a journey as a full time artist (musician artist, to clarify, not the new Picasso).  I’ve been listening to a lot of songs.  Here are some that have been inspiring me.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 11.24.12

Seasons Change (feat. Michael Ketterer) by United Pursuit

Seasons Change has been a permanent fixture on my playlist for some time.  It’s a reminder that God is the seed planter, asking us to build with Him, trusting Him for the rain in transitions and change.  The writer puts it so well “Though the seasons change, Your love remains” a line that has given me hope, healing and then the courage to step forward into the unknown

 Here Now by Hillsong United

Hillsong London visited our church on Sunday night, and played Here Now live.  I was struck by the chorus again “Here now, still my heart, let Your voice be all I hear now.  Here now, fix my eyes on things that I can’t see now.  Spirit breathe like the wind come have Your way.” Over these months the cry of my heart has been inspired by one of Paul’s many prayers in the New Testament “to know God better”.  When everything else is uncertain, knowing the One who was, is and will always be, is the firmest of all foundations.

 Give Thanks To God by Allan McKinlay and Pete Crockett.  Rehashed by Housefires

We heard Allan play this at our worship team retreat earlier in the year (thanks Allan for coming all the way down from Glasgow), and since then several of the team have commented how the song impacted them.  I love how Housefires have taken this, stuck it on their latest album and added the tag “You’re always good, You’re always good to me.  What a great cover to an already strong song.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 11.27.25

King Of My Heart by Sarah McMillan

A bit of a theme continuing here, but in this song it’s the bridge that gets me every time.  You’re never gonna let, never gonna let me down.”  Such a strong song, sung everywhere it seems, in the UK at the moment!  We’re regularly singing it at home as we go about every day life.  Some songs can say it so well in such few words, this is one.

New Day by Life Worship (NZ)

Nearly three years ago we were in New Zealand and met up with the worship pastor at Life Church, Auckland.  He kindly took us out for lunch and gave us their latest album (at the time).  This song has been playing in our car so often, and the more I hear it the more it inspires me to step forward in faith.  It’s helped me to pray in the early days of choosing this new path, something I personally really needed.  The chorus says “It’s a new day, faith is rising, faith is rising. It’s a new day, God is with us.  As we step out often with follows us, and indeed the knowing of God being with us.

Burn Bright by Tom Smith

Probably the most energetic track on the playlist, this anthem is uncompromising in statement and the perfect get up and get on with it song.  The music says as much as the lyrics, with it’s MuteMath instrumentation. Every time I listen to this, I wake up a bit, especially good to listen to before playing live.

Every Cell by Brock Human

The music, the space, the simplicity.  Every cell in me must respond, to the rhythm of Your heart” pretty much says it all. The song even inspired a tiny part of one of my new album tracks (yet to be released) as we worshipped with it while recording. 

Every Cell

Mention Of Your Name by Jenn Johnson

Stunning production, and a perfect intro song to Brian and Jenn Johnson’s latest alum “After All These Years”.  The strings carry a sense of majesty working in sync with the vocoder style vocals (reminding me of Imogen Heap).  For me, this is one of Jenn Johnson’s finest vocal takes on an album.

Glorious by Samuel Lane

Musically this song stirs my soul, sounding like it was originally born out of a  spontaneous moment.  Sam Lane’s voice is excellent, but it’s the passion that provokes my heart.  I love the build and guitars.  Without doubt a must for those who love worship being a little more, let’s say roar!

All I Am by Pete McAllen

Slightly weird adding one of my own songs to the list, but it’s true I’ve been listening to it, singing it in the shower.  This song was written as a prayer of surrender, mixed with a longing for more.  “I have tasted and seen all Your goodness to me, yet there’s so much more, that my heart longs for” sums it up. The journey has been rich, but in God there is always more.

Bonus Track – Devotion by Worship Central

We’ve been playing this one in church, and I just love it. Take a listen.

Spotify “Leap Of Faith Playlist”: 

You’d think that with a theme like “Leap of faith” I’d have more rousing songs, but instead it’s been the spacious reflective tracks that have spoken to me the most.  Here’s to the new season!



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