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Things change. And that’s not a bad thing. In fact sometimes change is necessary for us to move forward.

With a new season comes a great opportunity to start fresh. When I look back at some of the projects that I’ve done, I am so grateful for the journey I’ve had as Pete McAllen the artist. But I also realise that my sound has changed. In many ways, I as a musician have changed and, like shedding a skin, though painful, it’s necessary to grow into the artist I am becoming.

This change is very much about being strategic. I was advised by experts in the music world to make the transition from Pete McAllen to something broader than just my name. It’s a massive challenge to find something that’s unique and enables you to have a wider reach, longer term. There are a lot of male worship leaders out there, brilliant guys who are producing music that is not only good, but God-lead. It’s a densely populated market. I knew that if I was going to take the risk of going into music full time,  I was going to need to take things to the next level and rebranding is a big part of that. It takes forever to find a new name. This is not a quick decision or one that I jumped on without thought. I have spent hours and hours researching bands, hammering down what’s come before and what I could potentially create. And from that PYRAMID PARK was born.

Pyramid Park Social Facbook Banner C

The logo is a pyramid. It’s representative of the fact that what we do on earth is connected to God and God lines out a spacious place for us to expand in our world. There’s the opportunity to rest, explore, play, fellowship. It’s in a sphere of God’s blessings. He’s brought us into this spacious place. The more connected we are the more space we have. Rarely does a park have harsh walls separating it from the rest of the space around it. Rather it’s boundaries are identified by markers, skilfully placed trees and the start and ends of roads. This image reminds me of my relationship with God. He manages to balance perfectly our freedom and the boundaries necessary for our growth, safety and security.  Our expanse only reaches as far as God desires it to, but there is so much to be created and explored within that.

From a personal perspective, the change allows me to distance myself from the music as an individual. I don’t have to wrestle between the two ‘identities’ of Pete McAllen the person and Pete McAllen the Artist. It makes space for other people to be involved in the project. At the very least, it brings clarity when I am playing with a band, in an unfamiliar setting. In the past I’ve been introduced as Pete McAllen and his band, Pete and the guys, The Pete McAllen Band. The new name brings clarity. Lack of clarity weakens the message and the power of the songs.

It’s not easy to make a change, especially for my long term fans. I realise that, appreciate that and I know this could come across as impersonal. But let me assure you, this is still me, my projects and my heart behind the music. I continue to be grateful for your support and I hope that my new sound, and my new name will help create that space for you to commune with God. Ultimately everything I do is for His glory.

Thank you again for coming along on this journey with me.

PS Please follow me on the new PYRAMID PARK Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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